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Sunday, January 6, 2013


AwakeningThe recent gang rape incident in Delhi was so unprecedented in its brutality and inhumanity that it has shaken up the entire country. Also the fact that the victim was a 23year old medical student traveling in a bus hits hard as the victim could've been any girl in Delhi.

The mere thought of the incident  makes me shudder. Suddenly the city I've always called home has become so scary that my very existence here is threatened. Delhi winters usually made me inherently happy but this time I can't shake off the gloomy feeling that has taken a deep seat within me.

City of Djinns is stained with her blood and the air echoes with her cries for justice. But her sad demise has awakened the nation. Her voice now reverberates with the voice and fury of the entire nation that has taken to the streets and cannot be silenced. But let's see when we can get through the callous attitudes of the politicians and policemen.

This painting is my small tribute to the innocent brave girl!! A martyr!! If only this incident could be undone...

Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm not a religious person but I enjoyed making this painting for my mother and it is always considered the best way to start anything is with the name of god so i thought why not start this blog by the image of god!!

I could've made the painting more abstract and symbolic but I enjoy realistic painting more and wanted to give this an ethereal feel through a realistic image against a background of interesting colors. Thus the white robe would have a calming effect but the bright background would excite the onlooker!

Also most of the images of Sai Baba that I have seen depict him with white beard but black eyebrows and I've always wondered why! So I've rectified that here and I believe with white eyebrows he looks more credible, more real!!